Cheap book editing services; basic edits, simple proof reading, manuscript touch-up, story critique, plot and character analysis, a 100k word book edited for just $300, and no drama,. Unless you've written a period drama novel, script or play or course - and need it edited!



Book, novel and play editing services - a 100k word book edited for just $400

If you have completed a novel, a technical book, or an essay (or part completed), and you are seeking editing and proof-reading services at great rates, then please get in touch. Our experienced team of editors can offer to lightly edit your novel, to review it, or even to enhance it for you, all done at very reasonable rates and within an agreed timescale.

Note. Our editors are mostly British, but US spellings and American slang words are not an issue. 90% of our clients are American.

A 100k novel can be edited for just $300, and such a somce-through edit would typically include typos, spelling, word swaps, grammar and flow, constructs, plot and character. Errors would be highlighted in red, things for you to look at in green, comments inserted in brackets in red. A technical book would be quoted at a higher rate, or a novel where you wish us to check dates, historical names and technical facts.

For a firm editing quote, and a timescale to edit a particular work, please send either a large sample or the whole document to the email address on the contact page, it will handle large attachments. We will get back to you within a day typically, please allow for time differences because our editors live in a multitude of differing time zones..

Pride comes before a rejection...

We typically receive 3 enquiries a day, and 3 samples to look at and assess, our comments about the samples not always well taken. If you believe your novel to be the best thing since writing began - then please don't waste our time.

You are on this website because you know that your novel needs work - and that you have a limited budget, but some writers ask us to sign a non disclosure agreement - and we turn them away. 

Getting a novel published is very hard, and its hard to make a living from writing for most, and that's if you wrote the book, let alone if you stole it from someone else. No one ... is interested in stealing your unedited novel, certainly not us.Sometimes, when we find fault and make comments, we receive emails that complain "How dare you, my book is superb!"

If you think your book is destined to be the next best seller then please don't bother us. We are hard working editors, and we see three novels a day, none of which are going to be the next best seller - even though we hope they might.                                  


God, and child abuse

If you have written a novel, story, essay or book about your own particular religious beliefs, and people generally cross the road to avoid you, please don't send us your latest religious text. If you were abused as a child by your parents, and you've written a graphic story about it, don't send it to us - we don't need the work that badly!


Story critique

We can offer to simply critique a novel without correcting any mistakes as we go, and for great rates, and suggest improvements. Your book could be critiqued by experienced writers, not old English teachers who've never published anything.


Overseas writers / foreign university student dissertations and essays

If you are not a native English speaker, and have prepared a thesis or dissertation for your exams, then we can correct the English grammar at great rates - by native British writers/editors who talk with plumbs in the their mouths, payment made easy via Paypal. We can also take a novel, written by a person who does not speak English as their first language, and edit the work, we can even enhance the English for them. Copyright remains with the writer of course.


Book promotion

We can help you to promote your eBook/novel or paper book through links on eBook websites, and can boost your websites search engine exposure. Ask for details.


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